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Bank Staff

Why work for an NHS staff bank?

There are a huge number of benefits to choosing to work flexible shifts for an NHS staff bank including:

  • Pension Scheme available
  • Weekly and Monthly pay (depending on which bank you join) and online timesheets allow for easier planning and to get extra cash when needed
  • Personal development and gaining skills in new areas
  • Priority placement over agency workers meaning you have your pick of available shifts
  • Be a part of the NHS family and a valued member of the Trust workforce
  • Supportive onsite team.  All Bank Partners staff banks have an onsite presence to ensure questions and concerns can be answered promptly and face-to-face (NSFT have a Trust Liaison Co-ordinator on site for NHSP)
  • Bank staff are able to choose what shifts they want to take on, giving them a great deal of flexibility when deciding to work days over nights, or weekdays over weekends.


Who can work for an NHS staff bank?

Any Admin/Clerical or healthcare professional can join an NHS staff bank, although typically they ask for at least six-months NHS experience to register you. The flexible shifts available work for a variety of people and reasons. You may find flexible shifts particularly beneficial:

  • If you’re retired – If your full-time working days are behind you but would like to work the occasional shift then bank work is a great option. You can choose the days you are available and fit shifts around family days out, hobbies and other commitments.
  • If you have family commitments and need shifts that fit around school, childcare and more.
  • If you are working substantively at an NHS trust and looking for additional shifts to supplement their income. Many substantive workers who choose to work on the bank at either their own trust or another NHS trust, do this to experience greater variety in their work or take additional shifts in their usual ward.
  • If you’d like to gain knowledge and experience – those who are looking to try out new wards or hospitals to gain more knowledge and experience.
  • If you’re a student looking to gain experience of a clinical setting and to earn whilst you are learning.

In addition to this, staff banks also offer fantastic career progression and gives workers a chance not only to gain NHS experience, but also to work in a specialism they are looking to develop.

Working as part of an NHS staff bank can often lead to lines of work, which are longer term contracts meaning when a permanent opportunity opens, bank staff are perfectly placed to fill the role.


Norfolk & Waveney Collaborative Bank

Over the last year, the three Acute Trusts in Norfolk and Waveney (James Paget University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust) have been working to make it easier for you to work at any of these hospitals.

Using CloudStaff technology, Bank staff across all three Trusts will now be able to view and book available Banks shifts across all three hospitals using your existing Me App / Employee Online account.

The Norfolk and Waveney Collaborative Bank is live for the following staff groups:

  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • ODP’s
  • Healthcare Assistants
  • Admin and Clerical – going live in April

How Can I Register?

If you wish to work shifts through the collaborative bank, you will be asked to register for the Norfolk and Waveney Collaborative Bank when logging into your Me App / Employee Online Account.

If you would like the opportunity to view, book and work at one of the other Acute hospitals in Norfolk and Waveney, all you need to do is click “yes” when prompted.

Bank Opportunities

We have pulled together a list of the organisations across Norfolk and Norwich who may have bank opportunities.  You can get in touch with the organisation directly by clicking on the links below to see what they have available:

  • The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Nursing Bank Nurse bank
  • The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Admin and Clerical Bank clerical and admin
  • Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust ( mental health) Bank NSFT bank
  • Norfolk Community Health and Care Bank NCHC bank
  • Primary Care Agency Lantum
  • IC24 bank IC24
  • James Paget Hospital Gorleston Bank JPUH
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn Bank QEHKL
  • Arden & Gem Bank Opportunities Arden & Gem
Bank Opportunities