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Careers Champion case study

Lucy Baines

Physiotherapist, Norfolk Community Health and Care

Tell us a bit about your role and how long you’ve worked for the NHS?

I’m one of the community physiotherapists with a special interest in neurology. I trained in Yorkshire and then I came back down to Norfolk to do my junior rotations here for four years, before staying permanently in a senior role in the community trust. I’ve been here at NCH&C for nearly two decades now.

How do you think your experience within the NHS will support fellow colleagues? I’ve been working in the NHS for quite a long time now, so I’ve seen and worked through a lot of changes.

I’ve also seen the changes in career progression pathways too and changes to job roles as well. I’ve got that experience as well as my own life experience. When talking about careers, it’s not just about your work, but it’s about your whole life and how your work fits into that.

Lucy Baines

What would your advice be for someone who’s perhaps a bit hesitant in approaching a Careers Champion?

I’d say you’ve got nothing to lose really. It’s a conversation and getting another person’s opinion from someone who has been trained in career conversations. It could really help to give you some ideas to find what you’re looking for. It could be really helpful, so don’t hesitate.

What would you say is the long term importance for Careers Champions for the future workforce?

It is very much centred on the retention and the recruitment of staff. If staff feel that they’ve got a pathway in their career, even if it’s just staying in their current banding and progressing within their role, then that’s hugely important for keeping them happy and retaining them!

Careers Champions – Helping You To Map Out Your Future Career Pathway

If there’s anyone that wanted to become a Careers Champion, what sort of training will they receive?

So we’ve done three sessions and then we’ve had follow-up conversations with the Trust. We’ve received really good documentation of what we’ve covered, which is really helpful for reading back and consolidating on.