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Careers Champion case study

Amanda Williamson

Clinical Audit and Effectiveness Manager, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Tell us a bit about your role and how long you’ve worked for the NHS?
I’ve worked in the NHS off-and-on since 1984. I’m a nurse midwife by background and at the minute, I’m a clinical audit and effectiveness manager. I’ve worked in older people’s medicine, neonatal intensive care as my main area, and I worked at UEA as a midwifery lecturer for 10 years.

Tell us a bit about the Careers Champions role?
Well for me, I’m sort of at the end of my career really, and I’ve had a really good career – it’s been really varied and I have developed lots of new initiatives. I’ve had some really good mentors in the past, people who have steered me and enabled me to progress in my career. It is an opportunity to give back to other people.

Amanda Williamson

How do you think your experience within the NHS will support fellow colleagues?
I’ve had quite a lot of experience mentoring students as both a lecturer and as a practitioner. I know a lot of people and I have built up a lot of contacts who we can signpost people to.

Why do you think now is the time for the Careers Champions campaign?

People are worn out and want a change, but it’s about making a positive change rather than a negative change and change that’s right for them and enhances their lives.

What sort of training did you get?

We have had three days with an external company and it’s been really useful and I’ve used it on my son and it did steer him, it really worked. We’ve also had practical experience and that’s actually been really helpful and given key tools that we have never had before.

Careers Champions – Helping You To Map Out Your Future Career Pathway

What do you think is the long term importance of the Careers Champions campaign for the future workforce?
I guess it will help the organisation to retain and to keep people in the NHS but also for individuals to feel that they’ve got someone to go to who can be impartial and who can help them to make the right decision.

And finally, what excites you about becoming a Careers Champion?
The opportunity to help other people because I’ve been really lucky and I’ve had some fantastic people that have guided me. I think it would be really nice to be able to help somebody and have a positive impact on their career.