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Returner vaccinator case study

Michelle Prothero

Retired nurse Michelle Prothero answered the rallying cry to join the growing numbers of NHS Reservists – former healthcare workers asked to return to help with general nursing duties or join vaccination programmes.

Michelle had originally signed up to help during the first wave of the pandemic, but was not needed. She was called this autumn and this time completed her training.

She was asked to join the Covid-19 vaccination centre at NNUH. We meet on her very first morning.

She said: “To be honest I was a little apprehensive, but eager to help wherever I could.  The more people we have doing this the quicker people will receive their vaccination.

“My apprehension was for my husband, who has had serious treatment  I was worried about exposing him, but here in the suite we are away from the main hospital so I don’t feel that I am any more at risk here than I was working in a GP practice.  I discussed it with him and he was fine with it. I take my uniform off as soon as I get in the door and wash it to make sure I am really safe.”

Michelle has been buddied up with Jane Bennett, a staff nurse in the Arthur South Day Procedure Unit.

She said: “It’s been great so far. The biggest thing has been getting to grips with the computer system.

“Other than that I am really pleased to be here.”

Michelle Prothero