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Our People

Meet the incredible people that provide
excellent compassionate care.

Achieving Our Vision

We welcome the opportunity to share our #WeCareTogether–A Snapshot of a Lifetime documentary with a wider audience.

The people captured in our documentary work in health, social care and VSCE sectors, ranging from an apprentice to CEO which provides a representative view of all of the people who work tirelessly to improve outcomes for our population. We hope that through this submission a wider audience will get an insight into working in health and social care in N&W, people will find comfort and be inspired by stories, reflect on their own experiences of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, and think about how a similar campaign could be implemented elsewhere.

Click on the images below to find out more about each individual.

"My role is to be here for the residents at Crown Rest Home and get them prepared for the day, help with activities and keep them active."

Dan, Level 1 Carer

Crown Rest Home,
Little Dunham

"I’ve been a nurse now for more than 30 years and I’ve had to discuss death with other patients and their families in the past but that is different to the conversations with COVID because this is a new disease, new virus and it has people unaware so it is a shock for them."

Bibian, Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Nurse,

Norfolk Community Health &
Care NHS Trust

"We’ve all had to think a lot more and deal with people fears. We’ve needed to comfort and reassure people as well as each other and other peers as we are also a lot more concerned. I hope people carry on their appreciation for NHS."

Emma, Medical Technician

East of England Ambulance Service

"Having the opportunity to support the opening and running of a Norfolk Older People’s Mental Health Covid-19 ward was something I never imagined happening. I’m incredibly proud that I had the opportunity to play a small part in supporting the cause."

Adam, Newly Qualified Mental Health Nurse

Norfolk and Suffolk
NHS Foundation Trust

"The positives from COVID is working in a team and working in a coordinated manner to get the best out of the way they leave the ward because before I was working on my own most of the time. It is a time that we can reset things and we can reflect and plan better."

David, Physiotherapist

East Coast Community
Healthcare CIC

"I provide 24/7 Independent Living care here. It makes me feel good that when families at home are worried about their relatives and I know that I can say 'You don’t need to worry, they are in our hands, we are looking after them and we are doing everything we can.'"

Hannah, Carer


"I started a new role once the COVID crisis started, working in the Home Visiting service which OneNorwich started in response to when the crisis started. So, it is a group of half a dozen of us who are GPs who are doing visits. Patients are very grateful and happy to see us."

Hugh, GP

One Norwich

"I work on Neurosciences so on the Stroke and Neurology units, but at the weekends I also cover Respiratory so I cover on the wards in Critical Care - a complete change. The fatigue that I have just coming home from working and the atmosphere is quite dramatic at times."

Hannah, Senior Physiotherapist

Norfolk and Norwich University
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Michelle, Ward Sister

Michelle, Ward Sister

at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"I have a strong family history of nursing, with my grandmother, mum and sister all in the profession, so I grew up on the wards and almost became part of the furniture. I think nursing is inherent in me and I really enjoy the job."

Cat, Community Team Manager with the Older Person's Service in West Norfolk

Norfolk and Suffolk
Foundation NHS Trust

"At my age I can remember after the last war, I was only very, very small and I can remember the attitude then was much more friendly and gradually at the years went by it changed but I do hope people will be more helpful to everyone else nowadays."

John, A&E Volunteer

Queen Elizabeth Hospital
King's Lynn NHS Trust

"Pharmacy has had a large role in Covid- sourcing medicines, being involved in trials, supporting patients who have Covid, but also our patients being treated for everything else. Pharmacy is a profession that comes into contact with nearly 100% of patients in hospital- although they may not always be aware of this."

Helen, Service Operational Manager & Transformation Lead

Norfolk and Norwich University
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"I think this situation has reminded us that we are way more vulnerable than we give ourselves more credit for and going forward we now need to make sure we are ready for when another catastrophe strikes."

Lesharo, Radiology Department Assistant

Norfolk and Norwich University
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"I’ve had a patient in absolute floods of tears when I arrived at their home – they thought she was going to starve to death because she had seen on the news there was no food. It’s about finding these people in crisis and how we can help them; how to get them some shopping and provide their care."

Kim, Trainee Nurse Associate

Norfolk Community Health and
Care NHS Trust

"As we are making our way through the pandemic it is hard to ignore the deaths among BAME patients and especially among BAME health professionals. Not only are we a minority but many of us are far from home; miles away from our traditional support networks and families."

Mphatso, Respiratory Registrar

James Paget University Hospital
NHS Foundation Trust

"I work in ‘reablement’ which means that clients come directly from hospital and then we can look after them for up to 6 weeks and ‘reable’ them in their own homes. I just hope people will realise what a hard job we do."

Melissa, Reablement Support Worker

Norfolk County Council

"I am a Haematology nurse specialist, so I look after patients who have blood cancers, their families and get them through their treatment. Essentially, help them plan the care and get them all the way through it."

Ruth, Haematology Nurse Specialist

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
King’s Lynn NHS Trust

Michelle, Ward Sister

Michelle, Ward Sister

at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"When it was VE day, I made little flags and we decorated the Suite and we bought in cakes for patients and staff because a lot of our patients are of that generation and would have been children at that time, so we had lots of laughs."

Rachel, Ward Clerk

Norfolk and Norwich University
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"The hardest thing honestly for me has been dealing with the rapid deaths of end-of-life patients. On one night shift there was probably three patients that passed and I am only used to having about 1 pass per week so it was a huge increase in the number of deaths."

Roseanna, Health Care Assistant

Norfolk and Norwich University
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“I work in A&E department and it’s one of the busiest areas, an acute medical area, so Covid has really impacted our work. We need to triage the patients properly so you shouldn’t mix a patient with Covid symptoms so we took triaging really seriously."

Shone, A&E Nurse

Queen Elizabeth Hospital
NHS Foundation Trust

"I had a neighbour knock at my front door and say a big “thank you” and they stood there and clapped for me – I cried. I’m hoping Social Care will be put on the map and recognised more as I feel we are important as we look after families, as well as our clients."

Jane, Care Co-ordinator

PCT Care Services Limited

"Being a respiratory physician, I was very much aware that the Coronavirus may have a significant impact on my own speciality and that myself and the other colleagues working in respiratory medicine will need to play a much bigger role in the months ahead."

Venkat, Consultant Respiratory Physician

James Paget University
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"The hardest thing is feeling the balance of pleasing everybody; the commissioners and what NHS England need, to what our 22 practices need, to what our patients need, to what our own staff need - I feel like I have tried to balance all of those demands on me from different people."

Tracey, Head of Transformation


“I have had a lot of anxious patients coming in. I do the meet-and-greet, and we pre-warn them that we are in our PPE gear because it does look very frightening, particularly with the children that we are dealing with."

Zena, Senior Health Care Assistant

West Pottergate Medical Practice

"I think one of the hardest things was going home and my home life because there was nobody at home. So, if work had been horrendous, I was at home with just myself and my dog."

Kelly, Stock Controller

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn Foundation NHS Trust

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