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Adjusting to Parenthood

Having a baby can be a jubilant and, lets face it, at times, brutal experience for all parents. Even when expectant mothers and fathers feel prepared to have a baby, the reality of frequent crying, nappy changes, and sleepless nights is often overwhelming. Even for those with multiple children, it can continue to be difficult to understand just how much life will change after having a baby… until it happens.


The Session

This group aims to support you by:

– Giving a space for you to talk to other parents and to feel less alone with this experience

– To offer evidence based, practical and emotional advice and support from clinicians from different perspectives

– To facilitate you obtaining further support if this is something you want or feel you need

As this is an online session you can choose how visible you are, camera on or off, microphone on or off. It also means if baby needs a feed or to be settled you can turn camera off and continue to listen if possible. We encourage participation but even if you sat and said nothing you are likely to gain something from attending.

The Session

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