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British Doctors & Dentists

A Recovery Group for Doctors & Dentists with Addictions


Who we are

We are a mutual / self help group of doctors and dentists from all levels of our professions who are recovering from, or wish to recover from addiction to alcohol, drugs or other behavioural addictions.

Our meetings, physical and online video, are not abstract scientific discussions about alcoholism / drug addiction but focus on sharing our journeys, our difficulties, both personally and professionally, and what has helped us in our recovery.


Who we are

Where to find a BDDG meeting

A number of BDDG Groups are now running face-to-face meetings

whilst other Groups continue with Online Video Meetings.

Contact your local BDDG Secretary for details of meeting

arrangements, check the BDDG Members Only section for details

of face-to-face and online meetings or email the BDDG National

Secretary on for details.

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