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Joyful Doctors

If you need coaching support during these challenging times of COVID-19 or you simply want to live a happier, healthier life and find a fulfilling career path you love, our hand-picked Joyful Doctor Coaches are here to help…


Coaching can help you if…

  • Unsettling times have you rattled and anxious

  • You are struggling to cope with life’s competing demands

  • You are deciding whether to take a promotion, change roles or make choices about a specialty

  • You are returning from time out of clinical practice

  • You are thinking of a change in career path

  • You want to build a portfolio career

  •  You are thinking of leaving medicine/ your current role

  •  You are approaching retirement or another big change

Coaching can help you if...
Our coaching can help you to...

Our coaching can help you to…

  • Prioritise the things that matter most to you

  • Cope in uncertain and challenging times

  • Handle the pressures of life

  • Get crystal clear on your goals and aspirations

  • Take steps to where you want to be in life

  • Find more time for the things you love

  • Build the career of your dreams

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