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Shapes Toolkit

A range of webinars and events aimed to help you and your teams to take control of your workload, beat stress and burnout, feel calmer, and thrive through the new ways of working.


The Offer

We believe that healthcare professionals shouldn’t have to choose between thriving at work and thriving in life and we know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and on the edge of burnout.

If you are a GP, hospital doctor or other healthcare professionals who needs to develop your own personal sustainability and resilience and increase your impact and influence, this is for you.

We will be running monthly masterclasses on the Shapes Toolkit, open to all staff in Primary care. Alongside this, we are able to provide free access to the Beat Stress and Thrive Course. Follow the website link to book your place!

What will I learn?

What will I learn?

  • Prioritise your time and workload
  • Recognise when you are heading towards burnout
  • Increase your own wellbeing
  • Identify and change the things that cause you stress at work
  • Change your reaction to stressful events
  • Have better conversations with your teams
  • Take control of things that you can control
  • Identify when you are stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour, taking the ‘victim’ or ‘rescuer’ mentality
  • Take control of your own careers and development
  • Increase your influence and impact at work

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