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Health and Wellbeing for Primary Care

Health and wellbeing overview

As well as all these resources, our newly recruited Health and Wellbeing Leads will ensure your voice is heard and your health and wellbeing needs continue to be met.

As one of our valued primary care workers, we appreciate the critical role you play in supporting patients across Norfolk and Waveney. We also know that at times you feel like your health and wellbeing has not been prioritised.

We want to put you first now, by providing a comprehensive health and wellbeing support package, developed specially to meet the needs of those working in primary care in Norfolk and Waveney.

Whether you work in a clinical role or support our patients in a different way in dentistry, pharmacy, ophthalmology, or general practice, this is for you. It is our way of recognising your huge commitment and the hard work you put in every day under challenging circumstances.

The enhanced support package consists of three key elements:

  1. #WeCareTogether website: a “one-stop shop” with the best national health and wellbeing resources available free to all primary care staff. It includes everything available on the websites of each of the individual professions. It will save you time in identifying and accessing the help you need.
  2. The Shapes Programme: Developed by a GP, Dr Rachel Morris, a major strength of the Shapes Programme is it’s directly applicable to daily practice in primary care. The programme includes the Shapes Toolkit of seven different key productivity, resilience, and coaching tools to help build happier, healthier, and more productive teams. Training is free for everyone in primary care and delivered through workshops, webinars, bite-sized videos, and other downloadable resources
  3. Resilient Team Academy (RTA): The RTA is a key element of the Shapes Programme and access is free for all leaders/managers in primary care. The RTA will help you retain staff by building a successful team that is in control of its workload. You will be able to download the Shapes Toolkit and use it with your team. The RTA is an established community of Health & Social Care leaders across England sharing learnings and best practice across sectors. Its key benefit will be developing a primary care leadership community across Norfolk & Waveney.

As well as all these resources, our newly recruited Health and Wellbeing Leads will ensure your voice is heard and your health and wellbeing needs continue to be met.

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The Health and Wellbeing for Primary Care website has been created to provide you with a range of resources tailored to support the Health and Wellbeing of you and your team.

We promise that all the resources on the website have come from reputable sources and are already considered high quality to ensure your time is best used. We will always listen to the users, and ensure the website becomes a focal point of information and help for primary care staff in Norfolk and Waveney.

We promise the website will be regularly reviewed and updated based on your feedback. Resources you rate highly will be kept on the site and promoted to other users, whilst the resources enough people tell use don’t work will be removed.

We aim to provide all of the resources for you and your team for free of charge, and will be explicit if any resources, particularly those that are profession specific, has any paid aspects.

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The SHAPES Toolkit


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