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Case Studies

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in one of our teams? Find out about some of our amazing staff and services.

Laura, Staff Engagement Manager

Laura, Staff Engagement Manager

Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust

How did you begin your career working in Health and Social Care?

I qualified as a Band 5 Physiotherapist in 2013 (Uni of Nottingham) and went to work at the QEH before moving to NCHC. I have progressed through Physio roles before moving to support services/ corporate services in 2017.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities in your job role?

My days now as Staff Engagement Manager for NCH&C are different every day! Since COVID-19 my role has had a huge focus on Staff Health & Wellbeing to support all aspects of wellbeing with resources and accessible information in place. In summary my role is to support all staff within the organisation on all aspects of engagement.

What skills have you developed during your career? E.g. further training, personal development, secondment opportunities?

Leadership has been a huge turning point for me! Overall maturity personally and professionally has helped me progress over the past 7 years. 3 years ago I was seconded from my clinical role into the role I am still in today. By gaining a wider perspective on how an NHS Trust is run has really helped develop my understanding.

What do you most enjoy about your current job role?

Helping people – patients or staff. Especially now in my role supporting staff as I know the more motivated and engaged staff are, the better patient experience and outcomes will be.

What has been the biggest learning opportunity / challenge during your Health / Social Care career?

COVID! Learned to work more collaboratively than ever and even when pace is required to keep breathing and reflecting before charging ahead!

Prior to the pandemic my biggest learning opportunity had been establishing my role into the organisation as it was a brand-new role. I had to develop integrity and purpose and show results.

What support have you been given throughout your career?

I have had some brilliant mentor/ leaders throughout my career, giving me advise, opportunities and letting me learn from my mistakes.

I have been supported to develop professionally and encouraged to
take up any opportunities which come my way.

What excites you about the role that you do?

It continues to develop, and every day is different! Plus, I am supporting colleagues of which many are appreciative which makes it even more rewarding.

What advice would you give to people applying for a course / job within Health and Social Care?

You won’t become and millionaire, but if there is something inside you which wants to help and support people, it is 100% the sector of work to enter into.