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EoE Blended Learning

East of England (EOE) Blended learning project update – your response required!

The East of England Blended Learning Project Team recognise the huge commitment being undertaken everyday as staff continue to work under immense pressures as they fight against COVID-19.

To support ongoing learning across the system, the team are embarking on a regional integrated learning platform to provide colleagues with the time, flexibility, skills and resources to learn at their own pace and style. The EoE blended learning model will enhance the development of skills and knowledge for all who work within health and social care, as well as members of the public, so that together we can develop our integrated approach to care for our patients, residents, and service users. The ambition of the platform is to provide resources suitable for a multitude of skills and proficiencies for those working within the sector.

This project is available to individuals who are either new to practice, have an interest in learning, or need to refresh their skills and knowledge. These will be delivered in multiple styles, including both blended and online learning, enabling staff to access the course/ programme when they need to.

The platform will contain resources that are supported by health and social care organisations in the East of England which means any learning undertaken can be carried forward when transitioning between organisations; The ambition is to have a recognised learning passport to reduce duplication while also allowing to evidence proficiencies obtained between organisations.

We’d like to know what you think and what you need and want from this platform. We’ve created a short survey, open to all staff across the EoE health and care system. Your feedback will provide us with essential information to move forward, ensuring that a suitable platform delivers the needs of our people locally.

It should take no more than 10-15 minutes and needs to be completed by 5.00pm on Wednesday 26 January.

How to access the survey?

Staff can complete the survey here at: or use scan QR code to complete the survey.

We appreciate your time in completing this survey to help to drive forward this key project.

How to access the survey?

Hear from Professor Pereira on behalf of East of England Blended Learning Project