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Careers Champion case study

Lee Allen

Facilities Manager, James Paget University Hospital

Tell us a bit about your role and how long you’ve worked for the NHS?

I am currently a Facilities Manager at James Paget Hospital. My 20 year career in the NHS has spanned three NHS Trusts in various positions and departments, from Band 2 Admin in Radiology to a Band 7 Service Manager in Theatres, Anaesthetics, Recovery and Critical Care.

What excites you about being a Careers Champion?

To be a Careers Champion within an organisation is an opportunity to have positive conversations with individuals seeking guidance during their career. Sometimes we need clarity on what we want to achieve or how to make a change, so to be a small part of someone’s progression or next step would be a real privilege.

Lee Allen

How do you think your experience with the NHS will support your peers?

My career within the NHS has had periods of longevity in particular roles and quick successive changes in others. I have faced equally frustrations and opportunities, but throughout my career I have either wanted or needed some guidance in order to make positive changes. These experiences have given me the understanding of how to examine the potential next stages of my career and I hope to support others through theirs.

Why do you think now is the time for Careers Champions?
Communication is the key in so many aspects of our working lives and yet it seems difficult to find time to talk about our careers. There may also be the difficulty of not knowing who to go to or feeling awkward to talk to your direct line manager about your career. It will ensure everyone has the opportunity to open up a conversation in confidence and gain some focus about the next steps of their career. That can only be a benefit to the individual and our organisation’s workforce.

Careers Champions – Helping You To Map Out Your Future Career Pathway

What would be your advice to those people a bit apprehensive about seeing a Careers Champion?

Our work lives are very important and those who wish to dedicate some time to talk about and understand their own careers and potential progression can reflect, analyse and assess with a Careers Champion. It also doesn’t have to be about progression, it may be about understanding what is right for the individual and the areas they have developed in, or can develop in the future. The sessions will be a positive conversation and an opportunity to be supported in their career, so I would urge anyone to come and get in touch with a Careers Champion.