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Careers Champion case study

Emma Frostick

Deputy HR Business Partner, Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust

Tell us a bit about your role and how long you’ve worked for the NHS?

I have worked in the NHS for 24 years. I am a Deputy HR Business Partner supporting the operational side of the Trust. The role involves providing high quality advice and challenge to influence improvement which aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operational areas and coach managers to improve their leadership and people management skills.

Tell us a bit about the Careers Champions role?
The role of the career champion is to provide a safe environment to enable an employee to reflect on their work experiences, examine the current role and consider what a future role may look like. They won’t tell you what to do but will aim to assist your thought
process in order to take the next steps in your career journey.

Emma Frostick

Careers Champions – Helping You To Map Out Your Future Career Pathway

What excites you about being a Careers Champions?
Part of my role is to coach managers to develop within their role, this is another branch to that of looking as to what is beyond the current role

How do you think your experience with NHS will support fellow peers?
I hold a good understanding of the different roles within the Trust and different opportunities that an individual could explore to get them ready for that next career challenge.

What motivated you to become a Careers Champion?
To build on the coaching experiences that I currently undertake with managers and help staff to think about what may be next.

Why do you think now is the time for Careers Champions?
From a retention perspective the NHS needs to maintain the wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise that employees hold. As a workforce we have been under unprecedented levels of pressure and challenge over the last 18 months, offering staff the ability to focus on themselves and what they would wish for within their future career can only be a positive opportunity for employees.

What would be your advice to those people a bit apprehensive seeing a
Careers Champions?
Don’t be apprehensive! What do you have to lose by spending a short amount of time putting yourself first and concentrating on what is important to you and your career future.