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Menopause Advocate case study

Cheryl Jarvis

Organisational Development and Training Manager, East Coast Community Healthcare

Why did you personally sign up for the menopause programme?  

As OD & Training Manager at ECCH I am in a position to support this programme within my role as it touches on Employee Wellbeing and obviously to deliver training and support the organisation to shift culturally to support women going through the menopause.  Plus being female and having been through menopause I am able to understand some of the struggles many women experience at this stage in their lives.

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Cheryl Jarvis

Menopause Advocate case study

  • What was your knowledge about menopause beforehand?  Fairly reasonable, as at ECCH we have been running Menopause Support Cafes for some time and also training for employees and managers, but you can never know it all so this gave me an opportunity to brush up on my knowledge.
  • What did you hope to achieve after undertaking the programme?  To be a position to offer even greater support around Menopause to our staff and managers, but also enabling them to support others in their family and friends circles too.

  • What key learning did you take away from the course?  I was reminded about the wide range of symptoms that are experienced in the peri-menopausal stage and how we can support colleagues and others going through this.  But my stand out learning was that women at the age of menopause still have much to give to their workplaces, being experienced, knowledgeable and wise!

  • How do you feel more equipped now about menopause within your organisation?  With the training and a lot of resources to back this up I feel we can know support our workforce even better than before.

  • Why do you think menopause training is important for you and your wider team / organisation?  Menopause is a stage in a women’s life that is unavoidable, we will all go through it at some point.  As an organisation with around 83% of its workforce being female it makes sense that we can support their health and wellbeing so they can remain at productive, heathy and happy doing the fabulous jobs that they all do.

  • Why would you recommend this course to others?  Anyone who wants to support colleagues and others should become a Menopause Advocate if possible, it would be great if we can get some men involved too, after all we all benefit if we can all support.