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Roles in Pharmacy Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technicians are a vital role in supporting patients through their healthcare needs. You can be involved in the preparation and supply of a patient’s medication, offer advice and review medicines. You would work closely with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to provide person-centre care. The role is continuingly evolving and within Norfolk and Waveney there are opportunities to work within multiple sectors.

Pharmacy technicians can develop careers in many ways.  Once qualified, pharmacy technicians have transferable knowledge and skills which enables them to move between different pharmacy sectors.  Pharmacy technicians can also develop specialist and managerial knowledge and skills to enable career progression.

Pharmacy Technicians

Primary Care Roles

Primary Care Roles

Primary Care Roles

Pharmacy Technicians are essential to GP practice teams in supply and reviewing of medication and offering advice to patients to maintain their health. As a pharmacy technician you could be involved in a variety of tasks within GP practices in clinical roles or managerial roles.

In community pharmacies, Pharmacy Technicians work closely with Pharmacists and pharmacy support staff to ensure patients receive their medication and offer advice to patients on various aspects of their health.

Secondary Care Roles

Secondary Care Roles

Pharmacy technician form part of a large multidisciplinary team. You can work within Pharmacy take on many roles from dispensing, accuracy checking, supply and procurement to managerial, education and training.  Pharmacy technicians work at ward level supporting patient centre care throughout various specialities such as surgery, frailty, acute medicine and mental health. Where pharmacy technicians take medicine histories, complete medicines reconciliation and support medicines management . Within Norfolk and Waveney there are multiple opportunities to work within one of our acute trusts, mental health trust or prison.

The role in all sectors can take on multiple career paths making this a varied exciting role for those interested in a career within healthcare.

Pharmacy technicians now enter the GPhC register with additional clinical and medicines checking competencies, completing the new Initial Education and Training standards from Sept 2022.


Training take 2 years. Involves a combination of practical work within study. You must complete 2 years consecutive work-based experience under the direction of a pharmacy technician for no less than 14 hours a week. Once you have successful completed the course you will register  with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) in order to practise.

This is available as a Level 3 apprenticeship. Within Norfolk and Waveney we have vacancies to join the Pre-registration Pharmacy Technician apprenticeships please click for further information

Pharmacy Technician - Case Study

Pharmacy Technician – Case Study

“The main reason for choosing a career in pharmacy was because my elder sister was a hospital-based Pharmacy Technician, so I had always taken a keen interest in her work growing up.  I started as a Medicines Counter Assistant at Boots the Chemist. I gained a position as a trainee pharmacy technician at Addenbrookes Hospital. I learnt all aspects of the role including dispensing, ordering and issuing pharmacy stock and formulating and preparing aseptic products.

“In 2019 I gained a rotational pharmacy technician position at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.  In 2001 I gained a senior pharmacy technician post in the aseptic unit.

“In 2003 I gained my current position as the Operations Manager Education and Training.

“I really enjoy my current role and gain an enormous amount of job satisfaction.  Seeing staff succeed and progress and being part of that journey is the best part of my role.  Becoming a specialist in my area of expertise and being able to advise others is hugely satisfying.

“My career aspirations are to continue developing as a pharmacy manager and leader.  I find these aspects of the role challenging and very rewarding.”

Lucy Spinks, Operations Manager Education and Training, Pharmacy Services Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust